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Why Start A Blog

Why Start A Blog

I’m really amazed at the high numbers of people who are trying to make money by blogging these days. Well… not everyone. Some of us internet marketers have not found the reason why there is a need to start a blog. Well here’s why.
It improves your writing skills.
Practice makes perfect. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your writing skills, blogging and constant posting on your blog can be a good way to hone your writing skills. To run a successful blog you will have to be constantly writing and editing your own written work. You cannot expect a blog to be successful when you rarely update your blog or if you just post contents with very few words. start a blog use pureleverageblog

There can be many reasons to why you wish to improve your writing skills but as an internet marketer, you have to understand that the medium of communication between you and your prospects is your writing skills. Honing your writing will be equivalent to learning how to express yourself effectively towards your readers and thus blogging can be a great tool to help you improve overall as an internet marketer.

Your online network.

If you have a huge network of sites (this is usually true for social marketers) that is all jumbled up or if your network resembles a messy spider web, then a blog can serve to be the center of your networks.

You can use your blog and point all your social marketing network pages and links to go back to your blog. Doing this can help you save a lot of time updating all the network of pages that you have. On your blog you can include Facebook, Twitter updates, Fan boxes and pretty much a lot of other social marketing buttons that you might want on your blog.

This is a huge time saver and you can finally be more organized with your social marketing efforts.

New Ideas comes from constant posting.

When you are constantly posting, and reading comments that you get on your blog post, more often than not you will get new fresh ideas for your next big project that can earn you a lot of money. The constant communications and sharing of your thoughts to your readers can help you identify key problems that your audience are currently having.

By identifying these problems, you will be able to come out with ample solutions that can potentially be sold for money if you feel that the content is exclusive. Otherwise you can just post your solution as new post to help your avid readers to build even more trust to you and your business.

Expanding offline

There are instances where pro bloggers move and expand their business to offline consultation, seminars or even marketing companies because of the new people that they meet while networking happens via their blog. This is a true special opportunity that comes when your reader’s think that you have what it takes to be a partner and they will approach you and network with you. These opportunities happen because your blog reached out to them and touched with lives in one way or another.

Blogging for a living.

Need another reason to start a blog? Did you know that many ordinary people are successfully blogging for a full time income online? And that’s not all because there are millionaire bloggers out there who are living their dream lives today because they took advantage of blogging and monetize the traffic on their blog. Some bloggers sold their blog for a huge lump sum of money because it is worth that much more when you have a blog that has a lot of traffic.

Community building.

A blog is a great place for you to interact with your customers. In the olden days where no blogs existed, the only way for you to communicate with your customers online was via email or support questions that came to your help desk. These days, your blogs can be used to help build a strong community within your blog and you can communicate and help them with your blog post as you move on daily on your business.

Speak out our heart

Blogs let us express ourselves and share our thoughts, opinions and expertize easily. Constant communication and sharing of your work with your network of readers can ultimately lead them to trust you, and this will lead to more profits to you. Marketers have realized that there are two ways that ultimately lead to a sale. One is to use a sales letter and try to push a sale fast, and the other is to build trust via constant communication and valuable content and people will buy your stuff even when you are not pushing for the sale.

Therefore, if you hate to use pushy sales letters on your products, consider blogging your heart out and show the world how much you believe your product works, and you will find yourself selling in a subtle way, and you will also get a lot of ‘thank you’ notes in return.

People read more on blogs…

It is much easier to read contents on blogs than it is on an email. This is a big reason to start a blog and why a lot of the best email marketers these days a directing traffic from their email list to their blogs so that their message gets read more. Besides that, your messages can potentially be read by other prospects on coming in from your blogs other than from your email list. This way, your message is not only limited to the people that is on your list, and at the same time you can use the blog to help increase the size of your list as well.

Some top marketers say a major reason to start a blog is to …..Attract more leads.

When you have a strong amount of readers on your blog, you will find that your blog will start to go viral with the help of word of mouth advertising. This is a great form of free advertising and you will get a lot of free and qualified leads this way. Blogging is truly a wonderful way to earn more money and acquire more leads. Therefore, take advantage of blogging today to improve your business.

Reason To Start A Blog

Start A Blog